Christmas Tape — Mixtape Navideño

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This short mixtape is for you. I made it this morning just in time for Christmas. I’ll send you the original recording if you have a cassette tape player lying around at home. By the way, it is not in lieu of the holiday card you’ll be receiving in a few hours. As always, your giftcard was the loveliest and most thoughtful. Thank you. Enjoy these new songs and talk to you soon. Bye.

Aqui tienes el mixtape navideño que te prometí. Podría enviarte la grabación original por correo si todavía tienes el tocador de cintas casete en casa. Me encantó tu regalo y tarjeta navideña. Tù generosidad es impresionante. Gracias. Que disfrutes de mis nuevas canciones. Cuídate y hablamos pronto. Abrazos.

Before pressing "PLAY" on the tapedeck, hit the "STOP" button twice. Otherwise, the player will not work properly. Not to worry, I'll be sending the virtual cassette player for repairs after Christmas. If it is still not working for you, just press the download button instead. Also, there is a B side so don't forget to turn the tape over!

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Songs by by Don Rodríguez Gómez Rosa

Learn more: The Cassette Tape Revival

Source Code by Mary Lou

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